Grinding Your Thoughts

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We all have a plethora of thoughts that cloud our minds over many hours of the day. These thoughts could be random, structured and multi tiered, based on the content that defines them. On a regular day, these thoughts could be about routines, tight deadlines and maybe even impending and future goals. What are thoughts? A simple opinion that occurs in the mind, due to deep thinking or possibly through an instant flash. The idea is generally to convince the mind that its worth delving deep into this concept. Educators and industry professionals in general have a very good way of assimilating their thoughts under one basket, using a grinding force in their minds. This 'grinding' isn't your regular stone crushing kinds one becomes acclimatized too, it's the mish-mashing of a plethora of thoughts that goes into keeping the mind ticking! Why should we grind those thoughts? For the pure joy …

#TIMESUP, folks!

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Last year, was a watershed moment for Hollywood, with Ashley JuddSalma HayekTaylor SwiftSarah Fowler, and other strong willed women from different walks of life coming out in the open and speaking without fear about the assault, abuse, and hatred they faced from sections of their fraternity, for being a woman. They voiced their horrid experiences faced due filming movies, meeting producers, working in offices and much more. Their accounts show an extremely misogynistic side of the entertainment industry and corporate world, which unfortunately hasn't got out of the #male supremacy rut; in spite of the 21st century turning 18.  While the TIMES magazine hailed and specially mentioned t…

Pessimism as a Springboard!

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My conversations across the boardroom have always been filled with optimism that circulates through the vents of humanity; in a manner fulfilling and heartfelt. In regularity, I have always come to believe that #optimism might take us all to the zenith of success, as were strive to find our individuality among the sea of curious humanity. But then, I was brought down to earth when someone told me, pessimism could be your actual bet to a life better lived!When did Pessimism cross the road? A pessimist is someone who you'd befriend on a regular basis. Chances are he/she has a skewed opinion at everything that happens and everything that breathes. The glass is half empty always, with no chance of intermittent …

Using Vulnerabilities To Your Advantage

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Surprised? Yes. Think I'm cuckoo? Well, don't pass that judgement just as yet. Read through what I feel could really raise the bar of your happiness and make your realize your true worth. At times, your real vulnerabilities are your greatest teacher and your hardest taskmaster. These vulnerabilities can cage your thoughts and shun your very actions to push your life to doldrums. But the fact of the matters lies in realizing them and making them a part of your life, by of course working on them. What Is Your Vulnerability? If I were to put it down to a language that made it understood by all, I'd define vulnerabilities as a chain of reactions that are cannoned loosely with no particular outcome in …

Rolling with Emotional Resilience

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Not everyone's cup of tea! Actually, never something one can bet his/her life on, however being resilient to the wave of emotions one goes through, during the travails of life, surely defines his/her character of managing the grills associated with life. What is Emotional Resilience? One could Google up this term and find a million of answers to support their inquisitiveness. However, let me attempt to dumb it down to a layman's understanding - Putting well being ahead of the stress of life, without closing on the issues that can plague the happy timesRewinding into the old times, without the intent of carrying any baggage that could be detrimental to one's progressRevisiting one's conscience to dig deeper into the crevices that may have developed over sustained periods of timeExperiencing a mental strain that shall define the 'threshold' value of an individualTrusting o…

Prepping up for an event!

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Yes indeed! The year's begun on a rather sober note, and well no one seems to be complaining. As long as the meter is running and work keeps flowing in, I'd like to believe that things are shaping up for the best.  What also begins are the preparations for a marquee, revered and innovation laden contest, where Science and Engineering students from across the country participate, to be recognized as young innovators and pioneers of the future.  Indeed, these students are at the cusp of beginning their careers with ambitions of making it large; monetarily, intellectually and professionally. Furthermore, their hope is to feed off from the interactions they will have with their peers, technologists, industry veterans and tech mavericks; who literally live, eat and breathe technology.  Because these 100+ students believe in their nation and the technology advancements that have been prevalent o…

Being on Top of It! #LifeGoals

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Don't get any ideas guys! Getting on top of a lot of chores and especially those which are life-changing can be quite a task. The idea of being on top of things is to set pace to a life that is seemingly glorious at every step.  For that glorious, free, body hugging, love and embrace sort of life we all need, what's important is putting our mind and body to perfect themselves on being in the present. Not easy as it looks! Where the mind wanders, the body saunters. Where the body pushes its limit, the mind bears the brunt. Yet, we are made to believe that the mind can go through a quagmire of emotions, allowing the body to relax and re-flux; basis everyone's threshold value.  We've heard the mind and body talk on multiple occasions, however what can be done to ensure we are on top of our lives -  Break the Bullshit: Definitely doesn't come easy. We're surrounded by a lot of nonsense, that isn't especially needed for us. What's required …